Matterport In india


What Is Matterport?

Add more value to your real-estate marketing efforts with an immersive Matterport 3D virtual tour. The Matterport is an advanced, three-dimensional camera system that can develop realistic experiences, which effectively engages the viewers, and enables them to build an emotional connection with the property. 

Matterport 3D virtual tours are an advantageous marketing solution that works well for all parties, the agent, seller, and buyer.  Our photographers can capture images, process data, and collect measurements through this system, to deliver an impeccable 3D rendering of your property.

3D Virtual tours can be highly effective in driving interest and emotionally engaging a potential home buyer. It enables them to view premises from a plethora of viewpoints and take a look at its every nook and corner. Such tours even have options available through which they can get further details about the sections or elements that interest them the most. Matterport 3D virtual tours are characterized by their unique feature of enabling viewers to get an unparalleled experience of actually being at a premise, without being physically present there. People can view such tours on their computer, laptop, tablet, or a mobile device. For a superior immersive experience, they may even use a virtual reality headset.

Benefits of Matterport

The advantages of having a Matterport 3D tour for your business would be numerous. Let’s explore the following points to see how it can benefit any business:

High Quality:

The quality offered by the Matterport system is absolutely unparalleled. It can create incredibly realistic virtual environments, which makes the viewer’s feel as if they have been transported to a different place altogether. Moreover, it allows people to easily check out a space from virtually any angle, which is usually not possible while even one is physically present at a location. People can enjoy a 360degree view, while exploring a place from a first-person viewpoint through this system.


The Matterport camera system is powerful and precise like no other. You can scan up to 40,000 sq. ft per project through it. The results of such a scan shall be dimensionally accurate within 1%, and produce spatially precise schematic floor plans.


There are no limitations involved in a Matterport system, as it can scan virtually any space. No matter a building type or the industry it belongs to, a 3D rendering of any location can be seamlessly developed through this system. You can even add any information you want to the tour and share it with the target audience.

Customer Satisfaction:

Virtual tours would be one of the best ways to boost customer reliability and dependability. Any customer would be appreciative of being able to see and explore a property before visiting it in person. The fact that you have the confidence to enable the target audience to explore your premises beforehand would boost their trust in your brand, and encourage them to pay your company a physical visit. Such tours can help you to acquire an edge over your competitors as well.

Expand Your Audience:

New and innovative marketing techniques are required to attract contemporary, savvy customers. 3D Matterport tours are one of such advanced marketing tools that can aid you to drive more leads to your website and expand your reach. Taking such a virtual tour would make things much easier for the buyers who reside far off from your site, and even for the people who are too busy for in-person visits, thereby attracting them to your brand.

Matterport Features

Walk Through Tour

Virtual walk-through tours would enable you to explore and navigate a real-world space seamlessly. You would be able to view a space from diverse sides and corners through it. Such tours can be shared via both and social media channels.


The Dollhouse view technology gives you an unprecedented look at the structure and layout of a space. It helps you to acquire an improved sense and perspective of a property by rotating it around its 3-axis. You can easily zoom in or zoom out such views, or even visualize the rooms relative to one another.

Colour Labelled Floor Plans

Identifying rooms becomes hassle-free with colored floor plans having bird's eye view. All rooms are impeccably labeled to facilitate easy identification. You may opt to view each floor individually or have them as layers on top of each other.

Virtual Reality

Enjoy the most immersive way to enjoy a 3D tour and add a new perspective to your brand with virtual reality technology. It enables people to soak in the ambiance of a place and get an incredibly accurate and realistic experience of the property, while sitting at their couch. For the best effect, virtual reality tours should be viewed on VR goggles like Gear VR, Google Daydream, Oculus, and Goggle Cardboard.


Add context within your space through MatterTags™. This feature enables you to embed annotations and media in your video to highlight key features of your property. In addition to typical text and images, you can even put URLs there to drive the audience to a webpage, while providing a specific call to action based on your offerings.

360 Degree Views

While 3D manages to offer a highly realistic experience, certain places, like the outdoors, are not feasible for a 3D scan. Hence, for such locations, one can incorporate traditional 360 degree views into a tour. This makes sure that each and every part of the property is optimally covered.

B&W Schematic

Property listings need certain key elements, like a traditional schematic floor plan that is 99% dimensionally accurate. Such plans can be made available on request by making use of the data obtained from the Matterport scan of the property.

Google Street View

The Google rankings and SEO efforts of a brand gets a good boost through Virtual Tours. Being Google Trusted Photographers, we can competently publish diverse virtual tours of commercial spaces to the Google business listing, thereby adding it to the prominent Google Street View platform.